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Silktel Communications

Silktel communication allows you to make the move to a VoIP call center on your terms with our VoIP phone service, using either a VoIP gateway or the built-in Agent Softphone based on SIP (Session-Initiation Protocol, the leading standard for VoIP communications). As a result, no phone lines are required for users and there are no long-distance fees between users and the system, leading to a significant reduction in operational costs when using our VoIP phone service. Your customer service representatives will feel at ease when operating our unique voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) interface. Other VoIP providers fail to offer the unique call center management features that allow you to connect to make crystal-clear phone calls. In fact, some VoIP providers fail to deliver important features that make voice over Internet protocol a worthwhile investment.


Silktel is positioning itself to emerge as a leading service provider in the VoIP domain by adapting swiftly to technological advancements.

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Exclusive Direct Vendors
We have a number of direct vendors working exclusively with us, therefore we are able to provide som...
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Reliability is important and our partners know that we always arrange timely payment to our vendors....
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Our managers will make you feel like a part of the Silktel family.
Successful History
Silktel has withstood the test of time, growing and evolving with the industry. Throughout these yea...
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Our NOC team proactively monitors QoS 24x7 across our directs to ensure highest completion rates by ...
Our retail services are highly customisable from the word go, our technology team can customize rese...


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  • Our Customer support and account management teams provide the best service in the industry. We are passionate about the products as well as our customers and it shows in the level of service that we provide. we are always happy to help find the solutions for your needs. If a solution doesn't already exist, we'll create a new solution that resolves your issue.

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  • Address: 2400 South Avenue
  • Phone: +928 336 2000
  • Email: support@silktelcommunication.com
  • Website: https://silktelcommunication.com
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